Patrick A. Quigley, PhD, LSAC

4802 E. Ray Rd.
Suite # 23-593
Phoenix, Arizona 85044
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I have a doctoral degree from the University of Florida. My post-doctoral training consisted of practicums and internships in Psychology and addictions. I have taught at two universities and adjunct at another. I have served as a community psychologist, in-patient staff for developmentally delayed, psychiatrically impaired, and dually diagnosed individuals. I have served as principal investigator for infant and toddler cognitive stimulation in familial settings. Other funded research and development funding have included staff development and training for developmental and psychiatric centers. Since moving to Arizona, my focus has been clinical with the exception of a term on the board of directors for the National Council for Alcholism and Drug Dependency in Phoenix. The most recent extension of my training was to complete Level 1 trainer for Crossfit and mobility. The latter will find application in the last area of practice.

Behavioral Medicine. With the collaboration and coordination of a local medical practice, I am preparing a curriculum for primary, secondary, and tertiary clients suffering metabolic, cardiac, and other disorders. This program will eventually include group work to include nutritional planning, exercise, and stress management components.